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out of four-winds

In the new morning, Nakadea went down to the inn’s reception room and there made the acquaintance of a DragonBorn who was looking for one of his clan. During their first discussion, the innkeeper interupted them to offer them a job, finding out what happened to Otto, his wife’s cousin who has not shown himself for a few days. He was wearing a Jade ring. After asking the inn-keeper’s wife about it, it also appears that Otto’s cousin, Nile, also disapeared. both had apparently disapeared around the nearby cemetary. The dragonborn employed Nakadea to help him rescue the pair if possible, or at least find out what happened to them.

As they were setting off towards the shrine of Melora on their way to Redbury, Nakeadea had a brief unfriendly chat with Humpfrey, the merchant the group had previously robbed just the night before. Nakadea pretended not to have been on shift during the night and not to know anything about it but Humpfrey was having none of it. He was accompanied with a character that Nakadea paid no attention to, later to be identified as Volron.

The trip was to be bought for by the Paladin of Melora Palron aboard the charriot of a dwarf whose name I do not recall. The dwarf usually ships valuables between four-winds and conton for Humfrey, where he has store-rooms. Palron employed the players to escort him and the other worshipers to the Malorean shrine.

The cemetary had an old temple to it which Nakadea and his new employer were keen to investigate. As soon as they set foot in the comfine of the cemetary, 3 zombies sprang out from their tombs and decided to attack. they were not a match for the pair who still struggled to dispatch them, although Nakadea was unscathed.

They finally made their way into the temple via a window as they suspected the entrance door to have some kind of magical protection. What they saw inside chilldedt their bones as the tomb of a former local soldier hero had been desecrated. A scroll had been inserted in his innards, most likely to revive him in the same way as the zombies outside. The Scroll was removed and the tomb recealed, the warrior finally at peace once again.

As they continued their journey towards the Malorean shrine, a half-cooked zombie appeared and died in their care, his final breaths told the voyagers his name was Nile and that a gnome was at the shrine. It was now imperative for them to reach the shrine and investigate.

Palron and the Melora followers stayed at the shrine itself whilst the Dragonborn and the ranger investigated the area and found a mysterious symbol and a sub-terranean temple, most likely where they would find the gnome Nile has spoken about. The temple is for worshipers of Malorea who belive in sacrificing living things to their deity in order to facilitiate the spreading of Nature.

After investigating, they found a pile of corpses that they burnt, a swarm of rats that they dispatched with some struggle, a statue to Malorea that Nakadea made an offering to, a library full of Necromancy books, a sacrificing altar with blood on it, the body of Otto with the Jade ring that Nakadea is now wearing and finally three gnomes, After a quick struggle and a tense chase, two of the gnomes vanished in the Fey world and the third one was captured, bound and questioned.

The adventurers learnt that Volron is the gnome’s master. He is apparently looking for 7 shrines and escaped Redbury after the baron chased him away. Volron may return to the shrine, but this was not sure. He had a map that the gnome made a copy of. It indicated the possible location of a shrine near Merumar.

The adventurers decided that Volron was probably not going to be very friendly towards them and decided that they must speak with the Baron of Redbury, without delay.

they are now about to set off…

Questions still requiring answers:
What is humpfrey storing in Conton?
What is the nature of the relationship between Volron and Humpfrey?
What is the nature of the relationship between Volron and Nun, Humpfrey’s wife?
What was the pile of corpses used for in the Malorean temple?
How does one becomes the master of a gnome?
What deities’ shrines is volron looking for?
To which deity is the shrine at Merumar dedicated?
What is the purpose of Volron?
Is Volron a member of the workshipers of Malorea? This looks unlikely, otherwise he would not be lookingfor another 6 shrines?

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